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Dog Parks in New Hampshire

South Mill Pond Dog Park
Address: Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, N.H.
State: NH
Hours: Sunrise – Sunset
Description: Off-leash, fenced, poop bags, trees, benches, wheelchair access, water, trash, parking, lights. Dog owners “meet” at the park to socialize on the first Sunday of every month; past events at the park have included Pet Portrait Day, park cleanup days, and participating in Portsmouth’s Christmas and Halloween Parades (proper holiday garb required!)

Derry Dog Park
Address: Fordway St., Derry. NH.
State: NH
Hours: dawn to dusk
Description: some agility equip., toys, kiddie pool in summer, double gated.

Address: Peterborough Town Beach
State: NH
Hours: open daylight hours
Description: beach was donated to town by town resident and author of ‘The Secret Life of Dogs’ on the condition that dogs be welcome there

Portsmouth Dog Park
Address: Junkins Ave, Portsmouth. NH.
State: NH
Hours: open dawn – 11 pm
Description: fenced, benches, handicap access, poop-bags, trees, parking, lights, water, trash. It’s the only dog park in the area, watch for glass in the fill used by the town when they used the park to set off fireworks during Market Square Day. You are required to pick up after your dog. DON’T let your dogs swim in or drink the water in South Mill Pond – it’s polluted.